About Synergy/DE Developer Support

Synergy/DE Developer Support is available to any developer with a Synergy DevPartner subscription. Developer Support provides access to technical professionals and resources to help you develop, support, and maintain your Synergy/DE-based solutions. (If you need to update your company’s subscribed developer list, contact your Synergy/DE account manager.)

Developer Support engineers are ready to assist you

Synergex’s Developer Support engineers are technical professionals with extensive experience on Synergy/DE products and related technologies—we often refer to our support services as peer-to-peer support. Our engineers can help you with questions or issues you encounter while using Synergy/DE products. You can contact Support and open support cases via email, phone, or the Cases area in the Synergex Resource Center. Developer Support engineers are also equipped with virtual meeting tools so they can access your system remotely to help track down issues if needed. Our engineers are available during Synergex business hours. If you send a message or email during non-business hours, they will respond promptly the next business day.

Our Developer Support service covers an unlimited number of incidents on all Synergy/DE products on any supported platform. Our support engineers want to help you move forward with your Synergy/DE development—don’t hesitate to contact us! Typical support questions are

  • Will Synergy/DE 11 work on my OS version?
  • How do I declare this in .NET?
  • I'm migrating to a new Synergy/DE version or supported platform, and I encountered this issue.
  • I've recently started using Visual Studio. I'm having trouble with this.
  • Where can I find educational materials on this topic?
  • What does this error mean, and how do I resolve it?
  • Can you review my xfODBC set up? I can’t seem to access my Synergy data in my ODBC-enabled application.
  • Can you update my contact information?
Support engineers can also help route your requests for new licenses and documentation updates; however, you can also contact the teams responsible for these activities directly by emailing customerservice@synergex.com or using the “Comment on this page” feature of the documentation.

Get a more tailored experience with Premier Support

Need a higher-level support service? Premier Support is available for customers who need a higher level of case management. A dedicated Developer Support engineer will coordinate delivery of support services to your company and assist you in maximizing support resources. At your request, your support engineer may come to your site to meet with your team once per year. Premier Support also includes priority escalation. Contact your account manager for more information.

Technologies not covered By Developer Support

Although we’ll try our best to assist you with issues you encounter with non-Synergy technologies or on retired platforms, our ability to help with these may be limited. Here are some technologies not covered by Synergex Support that Synergex Professional Services may be able to assist you with. Contact your account manager for details.

  • Operating systems
  • Virtual machines (we may require you to reproduce the issue on a non-virtual system before we can assist you)
  • Network layers and/or TCP/IP
  • Third-party ODBC-enabled applications
  • Java and Java applications
  • Firewalls
  • Non-Synergy/DE databases, such as Oracle or SQL Server
  • Non-Synergy/DE development environments, such as Visual Basic
  • Other non-Synergy/DE products
  • Customizations of SlickEdit with the SlickC language
  • Customizations of the standard Synergy/DE installation process
  • Non-standard customizations of Synergy/DE files
  • C Language interface to Synergy/DE
  • Synergy socket API
  • ActiveX controls not provided by Synergex

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