Synergy/DE Hotfixes

Synergy/DE hotfixes may be created to address critical issues in Synergy/DE 11.1.1 while it is still supported. (Fixes are no longer provided for versions lower than 11.1.1 as those versions are retired. Fixes for versions 12 and higher are delivered via full installations, not hotfixes.) See our Release Strategy page for version support information.

A Synergy/DE hotfix is a set of files that includes one or more bug fixes. Synergex recommends that you install each hotfix only on the computers that are experiencing the problems that are addressed by the hotfix. Contact Synergy/DE Developer Support for available hotfixes.

By downloading and using any Synergy/DE hotfix, you acknowledge and accept the following terms:

  1. Synergex does not run full regression tests on hotfixes. It is your responsibility to ensure that your applications operate correctly with hotfixes.
  2. It is in Synergex’s sole discretion to decide which bug fixes to include in each hotfix. A hotfix may contain fixes or other updates unrelated to the problem(s) you reported.
  3. It is in Synergex’s sole discretion to decide which platforms each hotfix will support. A hotfix may only be available on one platform or on a limited set of platforms and may not be available on all the platforms that your application supports.
  4. The only Synergy/DE release eligible for hotfixes is the most current Synergy/DE 11.1.1 release.
  5. You will only apply each hotfix to the specific Synergy/DE release for which it was built.
  6. You will only apply hotfixes to Synergy/DE products that are either licensed under a Synergy/DE subscription license or that are licensed under a traditional Synergy/DE license that has Annual License Maintenance (ALM).
  7. The terms and conditions of the Synergy/DE product license agreement under which your Synergy/DE products are licensed shall also apply to the hotfix.
  8. When Synergex releases a Synergy/DE version that includes the updates in the hotfix, Synergex will no longer support the hotfix. You must update all computers on which you installed the hotfix to the released version to get further fixes and support.
  9. If you are an ISV and you deploy a hotfix to any of your customers, you will provide this Hotfix Agreement to those customers and confirm with them that they accept these terms.