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Created Date: 5/19/2011
Last Updated: 9/28/2011
Description: FtpClient is a class that allows basic FTP operations with a remote FTP server. The class supports binary and ascii transfer modes, and both Active or Passive server connections.
Platforms: Windows; Unix; OpenVMS
Products: Synergy DBL
Minimum Version: 9.1.5b
Author: Tod Phillips

Additional Information: In order to use this class, both it and its dependency classes must first be prototyped with the DBLPROTO utility. Ensure that your SYNIMPDIR and SYNEXPDIR environment variables have been set, then run the protyper by typing:

dblproto .dbc

From a command prompt in the directory where the source files have been saved. (Alternately, import the files into a Workbench project, right-click the project in the Projects tab and select "Generate Synergy Protypes..."). The included files can then be compiled and added to any library or ELB. To use the provided class methods, simply type

import SynPSG.System.Net

at the top of your source code. (See FTP_Main_Program, included in download). Depending on the version of Synergy used for the compilation, it may also be necessary to import the class's dependency namespaces:

import SynPSG.System import SynPSG.System.IO import SynPSG.System.Net.Sockets import SynPSG.System.Net.Mime import System.collections

CLASS: FtpClient (Public)

ENUMERATION(S): Public Enumeration FtpConnectMode Active Passive Public Enumeration FtpTransferType Ascii Binary

CONSTRUCTOR: FtpClient (Public) Overloaded. Initializes a new instance of the FtpClient class.

PUBLIC FIELDS: ConnectMode Host LogFile Port Pwd User TransferType RemoteDirectory RemoteDirListing

PUBLIC PROPERTIES: IsConnected LoggingEnabled LocalDirectory LastServerResponse

PUBLIC METHOD(S): Connect (Overloaded) Disconnect ChangeDirectory DeleteFile GetDirectoryListing (Overloaded) GetFile (Overloaded) PutFile (Overloaded) RenameFile (Overloaded)


The following program demonstrates the use of the SynDateTime class; see the included Workbench Project and source code files for FTP_Main_Program as another example. This project can be built and executed as it is.

;; Program to demonstrate the FtpClient class.

import SynPSG.System import SynPSG.System.IO import SynPSG.System.Net import SynPSG.System.Net.Ftp import SynPSG.System.Net.Sockets import SynPSG.System.Net.Mime

main record myFTP ,@synpsg.system.net.ftp.FtpClient endrecord

proc open(1,i,"TT:") myFtp = new ftpclient( "ftp.someserver.com", 21, FtpConnectMode.Passive) myFtp.LoggingEnabled = true myFtp.LogFile = "C:\temp\ftp.log"

writes(1,'...Attempting to connect...')

; Defaults to "anonymous" login when no username or password passed myFtp.Connect()

if !(myFTP.IsConnected) then begin writes(1,'...Connection failed!...') end else begin writes(1,'...Connection successful...') myFtp.LocalDirectory = "C:\temp" myFtp.ChangeDirectory("/somedir/somesubdir/") ; Get a file. Defaults to ASCII transfer mode. myFtp.GetFile("somefile.txt") writes(1,'...' + myFtp.LastServerResponse + '...') myFtp.Disconnect() end


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