Synergy/DE Platforms Summary Table

March 7, 2024

The table below shows the operating system versions that support Synergy/DE as well as the Synergy/DE versions that run on them. It also shows the operating system versions that each Synergy/DE version has been tested on. For more detailed platform information, including information on specific Synergy/DE products, see the Synergy/DE Platforms page. The shaded Synergy/DE versions below are retired. See the Release Strategy page for Synergex policies on supported Synergy/DE versions and platforms.

T = Synergy/DE has been tested on the specified OS version.
W = Synergy/DE is expected to work on the specified OS version, but has not been tested.
Blank = Synergy/DE is not supported on the specified OS version.

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Supported Platforms

101 Windows 32-bit 004 IBM AIX 32-bit 028 Linux 32-bit
104 Windows 64-bit 304 IBM AIX 64-bit 428 Linux 64-bit
200 HP OpenVMS Alpha, VSI OpenVMS Alpha &
OpenVMS Alpha Emulator
202 HP OpenVMS IA64 &
VSI OpenVMS Integrity


Retired Platforms

003 SCO OpenServer 021 HP Tru64 UNIX 320 Oracle Solaris 64-bit (SPARC)
009 HP-UX 32-bit 029 SCO UnixWare 420 Oracle Solaris 64-bit (x64/x86)
020 Oracle Solaris 32-bit 309 HP-UX 64-bit
509 HP-UX 64-bit (Itanium)