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Generic "Object" structure type on ArrayList Parameter is xfNetlink.NET

Is there a way in the DBL side of an xfnetlink.NET  parameter specification for a method to specify a generic "Object" type on the structure so you can have an ArrayList type sent, but not have to specify the structure type being sent?  

    {xfParameter(name="returnList", typeCol, structure="xp_suscon_file", dataTable=false)}
    out     required    a_retList       ,@ArrayList  ;[out]   

What we would want 
    {xfParameter(name="returnList", typeCol, structure="object", dataTable=false)}
    out     required    a_retList       ,@ArrayList  ;[out]   

This would allow us to build a more generic method that can handle multiple structure types with a single method definition, rather than writing multiple method definitions for different structure types. We would then type cast the array list items on the C# side based on the type of data retrieval we specified.

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0   | Posted by Thomas Scaff to xfServerPlus on 7/27/2021 7:37 PM
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