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generating postscript report

I use old style Synergy for my programs, not the .Net or other style. I have Customer who bought 2 Laser printers to go on Linux system expecting to use them under PCL. No Linux PCL from manufacturer. My question is does anybody have some simple program showing generating a Postscript report that does maybe pitch change and formating that maybe I can use as a begin to reformat my reports? My email is martinscomsol@aol.com

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0   | Posted by Martin Fairchild to Synergy DBL on 5/26/2022 12:38 PM
Steve Ives
Not Postscript, but can you print PDF from Linux to your printer? If yes, one solution could be to use the PDF API. For very basic results it's pretty easy to take an existing text "spool file" and "attach" it to a PDF, then print that?

5/26/2022 4:40 PM   0  
Martin Fairchild
Question since not familiar with pdf completely, if I use the PDF API can I use different print line lengths/pitch change and get 80, 96 ,132 or 10, 12 16 pitch?

Martin Fairchild

5/27/2022 6:29 PM   0  
Steve Ives
It's been quite a while since I wrote it, but if I remember correctly you can just hand it a spool file, and it looks at the maximum record length and figures out what font size it has to use to fit everything within the available width.

Documentation and examples can be found here:GitHub - Synergex/SynPSG_PDF: A platform-independent API that facilitates the easy creation of PDF files from applications written in Synergy DBL.

5/27/2022 6:33 PM   0  
Martin Fairchild
I finally tried to look at files but all I see is ref to Windows and nothing is viewable, either too big or wants somekind of raw

 Martin Fairchild

6/6/2022 9:39 PM   0  
Steve Ives
Sorry, you lost me. What are you not able to see?

6/6/2022 9:41 PM   0  
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