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D9 field coming through with a different size on SSIS.

Synergy 10.3.3

One of our customers uses SSIS with ODBC. We had to change some of the fields in the repository to allow negatives because of errors when generating the ODBC tables. Now they are reporting that some of the fields that were coming through as 8 Bytes are now coming through as 4 Bytes. They happen to be the same fields where we changed them to allow negatives. They are still showing as SQL_INTEGER. The fields are Decimal, length 9, coerced type Default in the repository.



1 Answer
0   | Posted by Rachel Blunden to xfODBC on 1/20/2023 8:57 AM
Phillip Bratt
This appears to be an expected change in Synergy 10 from older versions. d5-9 fields map to the SQL INTEGER which is a 4 byte integer field. Not sure when the change occurred unfortunately. The solution here is to handle the field as a 4 byte integer. Then regenerate the SSIS packages. 

2/7/2023 9:52 PM   0  
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