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export single method in mdu

Export a single method, like exporting a single structure from repository, would be quicker to send and load on the customer site.

2 Comments | Posted by Jim Keener to xfServerPlus on 5/26/2016 2:27 PM
Steve Ives
Hi Jim,

You seem to be suggesting that the time required to distribute an XML file to a customer site and then import it into the method catalog is causing you a problem. Can you quantify this at all? Personally, I have never seen a method catalog take more than perhaps a few seconds to unload to XML, or load from XML, so I'm interested to learn if we have a performance problem in some area that I have not encountered.

Presumably, if you want the ability to export individual methods, then you also want the ability to build a method catalog from a collection of individual exported files? Can you provide any information about how you would want that process to work?

12/4/2021 2:13 AM   0  
Gary Hoffmann
This would make life a lot easier at some sites.  In some cases, multiple developers may be working in a shared environment.  When one developer gets done, it would be nice to be able to export just the work they have done (1 method at a time rather than everything for a given interface).  Then, on the other side, we could import that XML file specifying somehow that this should update the interface, but not remove everything else in that interface.  It would probably be another command line switch to mdu.

Steve, you and I were just in meetings with a customer for which this would come in very handy.  It is not a performance issue at all for this customer, but rather an ease of implementation.  In fact, it would slow things down somewhat to do what is suggested, but would allow the use of more "built in" tools rather than having to come up with some other way to extract just that single method from the SMC.  Some of the home grown tools for dealing with this are fairly amazing actually.

This would then allow a company that has to deal with a shared SMC to correctly deal with multiple changes going on at the same time.

12/10/2021 12:56 PM   0  
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