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Support Synproj Level Script Type ProjectDependencies In Builds

In our legacy builds, we use project-level dependencies. Furthermore, the developer productivity increases significantly when they only need to open one instance of Visual Studio when working in and running Synergy programs.  When we add in our WindowsLibrary Script project as a projectdependency in all our referencing programs, the MSBuild throws the following error. It would be significantly more efficient to allow the Script project type in references the same way the Repository project type is allowed. 

Current Build Error

"D:\Git\8x\TIMS.sln" (Build target) (1:2) ->
"D:\Git\8x\Synergy\BulkGas\BulkGasLibrary\Program\BulkGasLibrary.synproj" (default target) (1722:16) ->
"D:\Git\8x\Synergy\WindowsScripts\WindowsLibrary.synproj" (GetPrototypes target) (2660:1815) ->
D:\Git\8x\Synergy\WindowsScripts\WindowsLibrary.synproj : error MSB4057: The target "GetPrototypes" does not e
xist in the project.

0 Comments | Posted by Dion Campbell to Synergy DBL, Visual Studio Integration, UI Toolkit on 4/3/2023 7:20 PM
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