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mb_entry include user text on creation

Hi all,

We've switched to creating our own columns from our database rather than using them from window libraries.

In doing this, the inability to set the user_text for the column in mb_entry is a very noticeable issue, and whilst I have worked around it (in a horrible way)I really thought it should be there.

Can we have it added?


1 Comment | Posted by Andrew Thornton to Synergy DBL, UI Toolkit on 1/10/2022 3:08 PM
Andrew Thornton

Any chance this can be done in the 12 LTS release.  I'd like to have this before we look to move to 12.  It really does cause problems not having it, and it really should be there.

I just want to add the data when creating a column, not interested in changing it.


4/13/2022 5:08 PM   0  
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