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Created Date: 1/24/2019
Last Updated: 1/24/2019
Description: The DATE_PICKER function presents a Calendar style Synergy window so the user can select a date using the mouse.
Platforms: Windows
Products: UI Toolkit
Minimum Version: 8.1
Author: Geoff MacCue

Additional Information: The function returns an Alpha field containing the date the user clicked on. ENTRY = %DATE_PICKER ([Row],[Col],[Region/Format],[Heading],[DefaultDate],[Region],[Value] This function will work for: • Traditional DBL style code open (15,o,’TT:’) • UI_Toolkit style code. xcall u_start • It does not rely on the Terminal being open or initiated. This function should build successfully for Synergy on Windows versions 8.0 onwards. To build and run, rename MAKE.TXT to be a batch file and execute. Then run demo.dbr. See "PICK_DATE.PDF" for full description, examples and usage.

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