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Using PCL-6 Enhanced (aka PCL XL) ?

Has anyone implemented PCL-6 Enhanced (aka PCL XL) in their code ?

If so, are their any reference materials that you found particularly helpful ?   Any war stories you'd like to share ?


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0   | Posted by Bill Ferris to Synergy DBL on 8/25/2021 1:50 PM
Russ Judge
Yep,  I used Ghostscript to convert PCL-6 to PDF, but discovered that Ghostscript had a problem with certain characters--it appeared that Ghostscript used a different character set than HP used with their printers, and so some characters, such as the single quote, converted to strange foreign characters.  Since we used a very simple printing technique and just printed simple reports, I ended up using PDFSharp.NET to convert to PDF, instead.  It works for all text, but cannot convert graphics.

8/26/2021 7:28 PM   0  
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