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Created Date: 12/29/2008
Last Updated: 2019-09-27 00:00:00
Description: Convert is a class that converts a base data type to another base data type.
Platforms: Windows; Unix; OpenVMS
Products: Synergy DBL
Minimum Version: 9.1.5b
Author: Tod Phillips

Additional Information: Its current implementation has only one static method (ToBase64String) with several overloads. It can be used in conjunction with the AsciiEncoding class's "GetBytes" method (available as a separate download on the CodeExchange) or accessed with an alpha parameter instead.

In order to use this class, it must first be prototyped with the DBLPROTO utility. Ensure that your SYNIMPDIR and SYNEXPDIR environment variables have been set, then run the protyper by typing:

                            dblproto Convert

                    from a command prompt in the directory where the Convert.dbl file has
                    been saved. (Alternately, import the file into a Workbench project, right-
                    click the project in the Projects tab and select "Generate Synergy
                    Protypes..."). The included file can then be compiled and added to any
                    library or ELB.  To use the provided class methods, simply type

                            import SynPSG.System

                    at the top of your source code. (See Example, below).

CLASS: Convert (Public)

ENUMERATION(S): Public Enumeration Base64FormattingOptions InsertLineBreaks None

CONSTRUCTOR: None (Convert should include only static members, so it does not need instantiation to access its members).


METHOD(S): ToBase64String Overloaded. Converts the value of an array of 8-bit unsigned integers to its equivalent String representation encoded with base 64 digits.

            Usage & Overloads

            Convert.ToBase64String(a_ByteArray[#], Base64FormattingOptions)
                    a_ByteArray is a Dynamic System Array of 8-bit unsigned integers
                            to be converted to Base64
                    a_formatOption is a Base64FormattingOptions enumeration which causes
                            the method to either insert a line break every 76 characters (default),
                            or to not insert line breaks at all.

                    a_ByteArray is a Dynamic System Array of 8-bit unsigned integers
                            to be converted to Base64.

            Convert.ToBase64String(a a_Alpha)
                    a_Alpha is an alphanumeric string that will be returned as a Base64 string


    The following program demonstrates the use of the ToBase64String method.

;; Program to demonstrate the Convert.ToBase64String method.

import SynPSG.System

b64String ,string
oldString ,a256

oldString = "This is a test."
writes(1,"Original String:")
b64String = Convert.ToBase64String(%atrim(oldString))
writes(1,"Converted String:")

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