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Created Date: 10/16/2015
Last Updated: 2/10/2020
Description: This is an API based on the "libHaru"; library at libharu.org.
Platforms: Windows; Unix; OpenVMS
Products: Synergy DBL
Minimum Version: 10.1.1
Author: Synergex Developer

Additional Information: The API is currently supported on Windows, UNIX, and OpenVMS. We have tested the API with Synergy/DE 9.3 (traditional)and higher and 9.5.1a (.NET), 10.3.1/9.5.3b (VMS) and higher. Note: pdfkit15f contains an updated version of the pdfdbl.dbl file. Do not compile with CPU setting as ANY CPU. Directory Structure:

AIX32 AIX 32-bit shared library AIX64 AIX 64-bit shared library HPUX_IT64 HPUX Itanium 64-bit shared library HPUX32 HPUX 32-bit shared library HPUX64 HPUX 64-bit shared library LINUX32 Linux 32-bit shared library LINUX64 Linux 64-bit shared library SCO SCO 32-bit shared library SOLARIS_X64 Solaris X64 64-bit shared library SOLARIS32 Solaris 32-bit shared library SOLARIS64 Solaris 64-bit shared library Tru64 Tru64 64-bit shared library VMS_AXP AXP/VMS shared images VMS_I64 I64/VMS shared images Windows32 Windows XP onwards 32-bit dlls Windows64 Windows XP onwards 64-bit dlls

pdfdbl.dbl Interface to dll/sharedlibrary works with all O/S and .NET build_pdfdbl.bat Windows batch file to prototype, build pdfdbl.elb build_pdfdbl_net32.bat Windows .NET batch file to prototype, build pdfdbl.dll for 32-bit .NET build_pdfdbl_net64.bat Windows .NET batch file to prototype, build pdfdbl.dll for 64-bit .NET build_pdfdbl.sh Unix shell script to prototype, build pdfdbl.elb build_pdfdbl.com VMS command file to prototype, build pdfdbl.exe

doc\doc Libharu html documentation - start with documentation.html The documentation has links to example and demo programs which are not included here. See http://libharu.org for more information.

README This file

hpdf_error.def The file with the libharu error number definitions.

Using_HaruPdf.txt Helpful information using the PDF API.

if\Synergy Synergy Example programs

The PDF API is dependent on MSVCR100.DLL and it needs to be in the path. Try looking for it in C:\Windows\System32\ or C:\Windows\SysWOW64\

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