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Created Date: 1/10/2017
Last Updated: 1/10/2017
Description: This is a modified version of the ismkey CodeExchange entry. It includes a subroutine that uses DD_FILESPEC to generate a file specification from a Repository structure, and a test program to demonstrate how to use the subroutine.
Platforms: Windows
Products: Synergy DBL; Synergy DBMS; Repository
Minimum Version: 10.3.3a
Author: Tate Chamberlain

Additional Information: This project contains a subroutine that will generate the parameters required to create an ISAM file based on a structure and file definition in the Synergy/DE Repository. It also includes a test program that will run the subroutine from the command line, with the name of the structure as a command line argument.

This project is based on the earlier CodeExchange entry "ismkey.zip". Some of the modifications include:

  • Using DD_FILESPEC instead of DD_FILE to get the file specifications. This demonstrates one way to use DD_FILESPEC, since there aren't many examples.
  • Support for both structures where the kref value is explicitely defined for each key and structures where the value is implicit. Provides an error message if a combination is attempted or if a kref value other than 0 is drepeated.
  • Removed code that relied on UI Toolkit.
  • Program made more user friendly, accepting the structure name as a command line argument instead of hard-coding it.
  • Various other code improvements.
  • Workbench project converted to Visual Studio Traditional Synergy project. Instructions

To use the ismkey subroutine, inclue the ismkey.dbl source file in your program.

To run the test program, open ismkey.sln in Visual Studio, and use Visual Studio to build the program. Then run the program. It should create an ISAM file in the 'dat' folder.

The program accepts the name of a Repository structure as a command line argument, and creates a file based on the specs for the first file that structure is assigned to.

The test program comes with a sample Repository file that contains a single structure ("TESTSTRUCT"), which is assigned to the signle file ("DATADIR:FILETEST.ISM"). The Visual Studio project is set up to use that Repository structure (all of the appropriate environment variables are set, and the command line argument "teststruct" is provided on the Debug property page), so all you have to do is run the program.

To run the test program with your own Repository, either modify the command line argument in the project's properties or run the program from the command line and give it the appropriate structure name. In either case, make sure to set the environment variabls (e.g. RPSMFIL and RPSTFIL) to point to the Repository you want to use.

When running from the command line, I would recommend running the program with dbs instead of dbr to avoid the Synergy runtime window appearing for a moment and disappearing again. Aside from that, it should run fine in either dbs or dbr.

The Workbench project is also included in case you don't have Visual Studio or you would simply prefer to build and run in Workbench instead of Visual Studio.

This code example is intended to be used with Traditional Synergy on Windows, but the code should be able to work on Unix, OpenVMS, and Synergy .NET on Windows as well. Some modification may be necessary.

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