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1 vote
Support Synproj Level Script Type ProjectDependencies In Builds

0 Comments | Posted by Dion Campbell to Synergy DBL, Visual Studio Integration, UI Toolkit on 4/3/2023 7:20 PM
6 votes
repository projects should support language sensitivity in schema files

1 Comment | Posted by Gordon Ireland to Visual Studio Integration on 11/7/2017 1:05 PM with latest activity on 2/17/2023 10:30 AM
2 votes
Allow Mixed Case with genxml

3 Comments | Posted by Gary Hoffmann to xfServerPlus, Repository on 9/19/2022 6:02 PM with latest activity on 9/24/2022 2:15 AM
3 votes
mb_entry include user text on creation

1 Comment | Posted by Andrew Thornton to Synergy DBL, UI Toolkit on 1/10/2022 3:08 PM with latest activity on 4/13/2022 5:08 PM
2 votes
Provide distinct error codes for empty or missing IS1 (ISAM) files

2 Comments | Posted by Bill Ferris to Synergy DBL, Synergy DBMS on 2/16/2022 1:41 PM with latest activity on 2/18/2022 12:30 PM
1 vote
When generating .dbl files for repository structures using SDI include a field length property

3 Comments | Posted by Erik Read to Synergy .NET, Visual Studio Integration, Repository on 1/6/2022 7:03 PM with latest activity on 1/16/2022 8:57 PM
2 votes
Extend Harmony Core to generate gRPC projects.

3 Comments | Posted by Erik Read to Visual Studio Integration on 12/6/2021 6:55 PM with latest activity on 1/3/2022 6:04 PM
5 votes
export single method in mdu

2 Comments | Posted by Jim Keener to xfServerPlus on 5/26/2016 2:27 PM with latest activity on 12/10/2021 12:56 PM
4 votes
Remove Identifier Limit on Traditional Synergy code and xfserverplus methods - DBL-W-BIGIDEN

2 Comments | Posted by Greg Creme to Synergy DBL, Synergy DBMS, xfServerPlus, Repository on 11/11/2021 2:24 PM with latest activity on 12/6/2021 4:31 PM
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